111 N. Lexington Ave. | Covington, VA 24445 | 540-962-ARTS (2787)

111 N. Lexington Ave. | Covington, VA 24445
540-962-ARTS (2787)

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The Alleghany Highlands Arts Legacy Award was established to honor a lifetime of achievement in perpetuating the performing arts.

The Alleghany Highlands has always been noted for having an extraordinary concentration of talent, but this is a direct result of very dedicated  individuals that have made outstanding contributions of time and energy  by teaching, mentoring, performing or contributing financially to performance in our community.

To meet criteria for nomination, a person, organization or business must reside within the Alleghany Highlands and have had, over the course of their lifetime, left a substantial impact on the local arts community.  Honorees will have been directly or indirectly involved with many aspects of all types of live performance, whether in front of an audience or behind the scenes.

The Arts Legacy Award ceremony will take place in Hirt Carriage House at Westwinds Ranch in the Indian Draft section of Alleghany County. Westwinds is a private property located seven miles from downtown Covington that provides beautiful surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere. Individuals needing directions should call the Arts Council at 962-6220 or visit the website www.alleghanyarts4all.com.